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Now I been run down, written up, hauled in, driven nuts …
Doors pound, warnings come
Tossed out of more than one
Told they-coming-back-and-bringing-guns type drama
Y’all rappers were born
I got expelled out my mama!
Did my father throwing hands
help me grow into a man
or a beast?
Well at least
I don’t stammer when I speak.
Yeah I hung around some poets but they couldn’t ride a beat.
So i dressed up like a joker, they disqualified me
I keep in (Trouble)
I’m a creep,
nasty as I wanna be
I don’t donate to the church.
I don’t talk to the police.
I don’t need protection rackets,
I just practice what I preach.
Rather put faith in a weapon and gallons of gasoline
Run & tell it to whoever:
The last of the fucking breed
Refuse to adjust my speed
Keep moving and busting free
We show up, disrupt the peace
Fuck it up, then pack and leave.
That promoter don’t have my fee?
We going to the cash machine
& having trouble…


My 20’s were a roar. 
My 30’s were a blur.
My 40’s…I’m not so sure.
But I’m a make em purr. 

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This might seem opportunistic if we hadn’t placed the order a month ago. We have always been at war with Policia.


Such is life in America, the land of the free.


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Life in Hell


Sage Francis is playing 25 cities from late May until early July to support the #CopperGone album. This is the North American leg of the tour. The UK/Euro leg begins in Oct. Click here for ticket links!


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Tour starts tomorrow! See you soon DENVER, ALBUQUERQUE, DENTON & SXSW. Our showcase in Austin will feature SAGE FRANCIS, WHEELCHAIR SPORTS CAMP, and more on MARCH 14th at CLUB 512. Holla if you’re in town and wanna eat some bbq.

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Tonight! Poster art by Pat Jensen

We’ve added one more show ahead of our upcoming run w/ Circle Takes the Square. See you on Halloween night!

Rapper Akrobatik steps in the ring vs. Wrestler Biff Busick. #CHURCHOFPROVIDENCE every month. Stranger and stranger.

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